Michigan Auto Collisions Can Lead to Memory Loss

March 30, 2016 | Thomas L. Stroble
Michigan Auto Collisions Can Lead to Memory Loss
Brain Disease

It has been estimated that 1.4 million traumatic brain injuries (TBI) occur annually throughout the United States. A TBI happens as a result of impact, sudden jerking, or even impalement of the head by a foreign object.

In the case of a mild brain injury, an individual will often experience disorientation and confusion for a short time. However, when a severe TBI occurs, the subject may be comatose for an extended period, and will also likely experience memory loss.

Statistical data taken from a 2006 study conducted by the Atlanta Nation Center for Injury Prevention and Control showed that, of the 1.4 million head injures which took place, 280,000 were sustained in car accidents. This accounts for almost 20% of all head injuries, ranking as the second most common cause for this type of injury.

Auto Collisions Linked to Memory Loss in Michigan

The nature and severity of memory loss disabilities vary. However, sufferers can experience this debilitating disorder for more than a year, as 70% of cases have shown.

The deciding factors for whether memory loss will be of the immediate, short, or long-term variety are largely a mystery, but every case is different. With the brain being such a complicated thing, it’s always difficult to predict or understand what sort of memories will be effected.

Long-term memory consists of several subtypes, such as semantic, or fact keeping, procedural, which consists of understand how certain tasks are performed, episodic, for remembering life events, and prospective, or remembering to simply complete a task later.

Many people are subject to lose short-term memory, which helps us remember things for hours and days at a time. Immediate memory, on the other hand, known also as working memory, handles the processing of our sensory input, as well as remembering small amounts of information for short periods of time.

Contact a Michigan Auto Accident Attorney

If you or someone you love was injured in a Michigan auto accident and suffered memory loss after automobile accident, it is important to speak to an experienced Michigan auto accident attorney. Please do not hesitate to call Michigan Injury Lawyers at 313-GET-HELP for a free consultation today.


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