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JUUL Vaping Lawsuit Attorneys

Individuals have filed numerous lawsuits against JUUL Labs Inc. due to their failure to warn consumers about the dangers of vaping with electronic cigarettes, and marketing e-cig products to minors. More lawsuits could come against JUUL and others, which may help the government rewrite rules on tobacco consumption to include provisions for vaping.

Plaintiffs in the lawsuits filed across America allege that vaping has caused serious health problems, including seizures, heart attacks, strokes and lung problems, to name a few.

Michigan Injury Lawyers want to hold electronic cigarette manufacturers accountable for their blatant disregard for consumer safety. Did you or a loved one fall ill to vaping JUUL e-cigs? Was your minor child able to freely purchase these products, and they injured your child during or after use? Contact our firm immediately.

JUUL Vaping and Potential Damage to Lungs

Scientists are still searching for a direct link between lung disease and vaping, although that has not stopped the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) from receiving hundreds of complaints that vaping has led to extended hospital stays and death.

Apart from the obvious deaths and hospitalizations across America linked to vaping, scientists and researchers have discovered that:

  • Electronic cigarette users are 30 percent more likely to develop some form of lung disorder than individuals who do not use tobacco products.
  • Vaping can cause dangerous proteins to develop in our lungs. Those proteins have a direct link to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which causes a permanent shortness of breath that worsens with time.
  • Electronic cigarette vapors could contribute to heart disease and bladder issues. Researchers confirmed this when testing a small amount of vapors in mice.
  • Electronic cigarettes contradict a common opinion that vaping is less addictive than cigarette smoking because they contain some of the same brain-altering chemicals as tobacco companies place in their products.

There are no safe vaping products on the market today by any standard of “safe.”

Development of Popcorn Lung

Bronchiolitis obliterans, the medical term for popcorn lung, is known as an irreversible disease caused by inhaling trace amounts of diacetyl, which is the same buttery flavoring you would find in popcorn and some caramels. It can scar the alveoli, which are the tiny air pockets located at the end of your bronchioles. This will narrow your airways, making your breathing labored.

Most popcorn manufacturers removed diacetyl from their products after vaping deaths were linked to this flavoring, although vape juices still contain trace amounts of it to this day. Diacetyl is added to e-juice to make certain flavors stand out, and according to an American Lung Association (ALA) study of 51 electronic cigarette brands, 39 contained varying levels of diacetyl.

Suffering from lung damage or any side effect related to popcorn lung after vaping? Michigan Injury Lawyers urges you to call them as soon as possible.

Do I Need an Attorney to Start a JUUL Vaping Lawsuit?

According to The Journal of American Medical Association, JUUL products amass $3.2 million per month, surpassing British American tobacco companies’ sales of $2.7 million. With an increase in sales comes an increase in injuries reported across America, including right here in Michigan.

JUUL claims that e-cigarettes are safer than regular cigarettes. They will use this in defense of their products when brought into litigation. Since product liability cases are complex, you need an attorney who knows the electronic cigarette industry and applicable laws that may help your case.

You may need an attorney if you or your loved one have developed:

  • Hypersensitivity pneumonitis, or bagpipe lung, which can occur after prolonged inhalation of organic dusts found in electronic cigarettes. Symptoms of this disorder include fatigue, chills, lung fibrosis, and muscle pains.
  • Eosinophilic pneumonia, which will require patients to carry around oxygen for the rest of their lives. This disorder is a white cell buildup that disrupts normal lung function. Coughing, night sweats, and labored breathing are common in this disease
  • Advanced asthma. Children who vape are 50 percent more likely to develop asthma than those who do not.

The worst possible scenario is wrongful death, which is the endgame for JUUL users who did not know about the health risks of vaping.

If any of the above applies to you or someone you love, you need to retain a JUUL vaping lawsuit attorney.

We will not only investigate your claim and those involved, we will work hard to try to:

  • Get medical proof that vaping caused your injury;
  • Prove those injuries are serious enough to require ongoing medical care;
  • Show that your injuries were preventable with proper care and notification about the potential hazards of vaping;
  • Show that you merit compensation due to losses experienced from medical and personal bills.

Our firm zealously pursues product liability claims, and works hard to get every dollar your claim is worth.

Hire Our JUUL Vaping Lawsuit Attorneys

Health complications such as lung disease, stroke, or seizure after vaping e-cigarettes could merit filing a claim against JUUL and other electronic cigarette manufacturers. It’s in your best interest to get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible. Vaping lawsuits are complicated and require the right experience and resources that Michigan Injury Lawyers can provide. The sooner you contact us, the sooner you’ll understand your options.

If JUUL e-cigarettes injured you or any of your loved ones, seek legal representation so that you can hold the company accountable. By doing so, you will have a chance to recover compensation for your injuries while sending a message to JUUL Labs Inc. that you will not tolerate the harm it has done to its consumers.

JUUL has a duty to care for its consumers by informing them about potential hazards when using its products. Michigan Injury Lawyers will strive to get you every single dollar you are entitled to when you contact us for your consultation at 888-454-0801 or through our online contact page today.