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How Does Injury Recovery Time Factor into an Auto Accident Settlement?

That’s a very complex question. Just starting from the baseline of how long a case can take, that can vary from where the accident even took place. It depends on the county that it took place. Some counties such as Wayne County, for example, are extremely burdened with the caseload and it takes on average a case almost a year to process through the system. Other counties such as Oakland or Macomb County in the tri-county area are much more efficient in their operation of processing cases. So that’s just one factor that plays into it.

Then you take the individual subjective factors, such as how fast that person recovers. I often tell people that are very severely injured in cases that we couldn’t settle your case tomorrow even if we wanted to because their prognosis is so guarded we don’t know the full extent of their injuries and how it’s ultimately going to affect them for the rest of their life. Oftentimes it can take well over a year for someone to ultimately find out the effect this is going to have on their life. So we continually monitor clients, get updated medical records on a constant basis to keep tabs on how our clients are progressing and working themselves through the medical system.