Accidents at Intersections: Who is at Fault?

December 6, 2016 | Thomas L. Stroble
Accidents at Intersections: Who is at Fault?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a large percentage of motor vehicle collisions happen at intersections. There are many different reasons why vehicles traveling through intersections may be involved in a crash and many of them involve the negligence of others. The following are some examples of the common causes of intersection collisions:

  • Violating traffic signals - Michigan traffic law mandates that drivers follow all traffic signals and signs. These can include stoplights, stop signs, yield signs, do not enter signs, right turn only signs, and more. Running a red light or violating a traffic sign is always a leading cause of crashes and can often cause devastating injuries. This is because running red lights usually results in a broadside accident.
  • Unsafe turns - When making a left turn, drivers often have to wait until there is an adequate space in traffic for them to pass through oncoming lanes. If drivers are not watching or if they try to turn when they do not have enough time, they can also cause a broadside accident.
  • Rural intersections - Intersections on rural highways can be particularly dangerous. Rural roads can be dark, narrow, hilly, and winding with very few streetlights, if any. Often, intersections are poorly marked and unexpected. Rural roads also tend to have higher speed limits or have drivers who travel at high speeds, which makes stopping for turning vehicles more difficult.
  • Pedestrians - A big part of intersections is crosswalks for people on foot to cross the street. Traffic signals give pedestrians the right-of-way at certain times, though drivers are not always aware or respectful of their right-of-way. Pedestrians often get hit when they are trying to cross the street even if they were crossing at the appropriate time and place. Drivers who do not watch for pedestrians should be held responsible for any injuries sustained.

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