Van Rollover Accident Injures Seven

February 17, 2014 |
Van Rollover Accident Injures Seven

Winter weather can pose a great number of problems when driving through Michigan. Snow and ice can cause you to slip, slide, and even flip your car if you aren’t careful. If this happens, you may need legal help.

The Sheriff’s Department of Kent County recently had to deal with an accident on US 131 when a van rolled over north of Grand Rapids. The road had to be closed as a result of the accident, which injured 11 people. Two of the people injured were children who were ejected from the vehicle, while five other people suffered non-life-threatening injuries as well.

How the crash happened hasn’t been revealed yet, but it is safe to say there is potential for a cash settlement to help cover the injuries and stress of the accident. In order to move on from these sorts of incidents, it is important to receive monetary compensation from those responsible.

Dealing with the legal system to do that isn’t easy for most people. Insurance companies and lawyers can severely damage your chances of finding relief if you have been in a similar situation. Fortunately there are Michigan attorneys like Michigan Injury Lawyers who specialize in this kind of case. With their help, you can seek damages that make sure the person who injured you, or someone you love, pays. The right lawyer will take them to task and ensure that you get the most possible, helping take away your suffering that was caused by their carelessness. Don’t hesitate. Call today!