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Passengers in Michigan Auto Accidents

If you are a passenger in a vehicle that gets into an accident, you likely sustained some serious or even life threatening injuries.  Depending upon the specifics of the collision, a passenger may be able to recover personal injury damages against the automobile driver or any other vehicle that was involved.

Passenger Injury Where the Auto is the Only Vehicle Involved in the Michigan Accident 

Where the auto is the only vehicle involved in the accident, the passenger’s claim[2] is likely against the driver. As in any negligence case, the person bringing the claim must be able to prove two things in order to win the case: who was at fault (liability) and how badly they were injured (damages).

Two-Vehicle Accidents in Michigan

 A two-vehicle vehicle accident can occur even when two cars do not actually hit one another such as when one vehicle cuts off the path of a second car in traffic and causes the second vehicle to crash. Any driver who caused or contributed to the accident is likely liable for damages owed to the passenger.

What Should a Passenger do After a Michigan Auto Accident? 

  • Police: The first thing for a driver or passenger to do is to contact the local authorities for assistance.  The police can create an official incident report of the collision and can request medical assistance  to the scene.
  • Information: A vehicle passenger should get the names and contact information of all of the witnesses to the accident. Witnesses can be critical in an auto accident claim.
  • Photographs: The second thing a Michigan passenger should do is take pictures. If you are able to take pictures and have a camera or a camera phone, take as many pictures of the accident scene and the vehicles involved in the accident as you can from as many angles as you can before you leave the scene. If you do not have a camera or are not physically able to take any pictures after your injury, ask if anyone else has a camera and is willing to email you the pictures. Otherwise, have a friend or relative take pictures as soon as possible.

If you were a passenger who was injured in a vehicle accident, it is important to speak to a Michigan auto accident attorney as soon as possible.  Any car crash can result in serious and life-long injuries making it important for the victim to receive all of the compensation to which they are entitled.  Call the Michigan Injury Lawyers at 313-GET-HELP, or contact us online for a free evaluation of your case.