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    Michigan Personal Injury Lawyer

    Personal injury laws in Michigan give you the right to pursue legal compensation for damages when the negligent actions of another leave you injured or cause the death of a loved one. Establishing that negligence and building a strong case for your injury claim is our goal at Michigan Injury Lawyers. As a team of legal professionals serving clients across Michigan, we’ve made it our mission to provide comprehensive representation that emphasizes personal attention. We focus on people.

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    Filing, managing, and resolving an injury claim is often a complex legal matter. Helping clients like you get the most out of a claim is what our firm has concentrated on since 2008 with impressive results. Our legal team has decades of combined litigation experience in this field of law. Our proven results have led to recognition by Super Lawyers and membership in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, a prominent group of top trial lawyers who have secured million-dollar settlements and verdicts for their clients. Less than 1 percent of all attorneys nationwide have been invited to become members in this prestigious group. Beyond these distinctions, however, our greatest source of validation comes from the referrals we receive from satisfied clients we have served as well as their many testimonials.

    Compassionate and Competent Legal Service

    If you’ve been injured in an accident or incident, you need a compassionate and competent legal voice. We will be your voice and take you through this difficult chapter in your life by representing your best interests, protecting your rights, fighting for the compensation you deserve, and never backing down from a court case. Our firm is dedicated to the pursuit of justice for you and your family.

    Because we focus on the individuals we serve, our goal is to help you recover from your injuries and losses. We start by working to gain your trust. When you contact our firm, you will speak to an attorney immediately about your case – someone who will recognize the issues at hand and the seriousness of your situation. We know how vital that initial contact can be in earning your confidence and giving you the peace of mind needed in such a critical and sensitive matter. You can talk to one of our lawyers in a free case evaluation to get your questions answered and concerns addressed after which our firm will start you on the road toward obtaining the compensation you need and deserve. Our help can make the difference between an inadequate financial recovery and a fair settlement that reflects the full extent of the consequences of your accident.

    Circumstances That May Lead to a Michigan Personal Injury Case

    Negligence or wrongdoing which leads to an injury claim or lawsuit can occur in many ways. Examples include but are not limited to:

    • A negligent driver causing a motor vehicle crash (auto accidents)
    • A negligent pet owner responsible for an animal attack (dog bite)
    • A medical error committed by a health care practitioner, clinic, or hospital (medical malpractice)
    • A negligent equipment manufacturer whose faulty product leads to on-the-job injuries (defective product)
    • Abuse or neglect at the hands of a caretaker or staff member in a nursing home (nursing home negligence)
    • A property with known and unhandled safety hazards (slip and fall accident)
    • A dangerous pharmaceutical which leads to serious health damage from side effects (drug injury)

    Other cases our firm handles include injuries sustained in bicycle accidents and truck accidents as well as those stemming from birth injuries, sexually transmitted diseases, and pain syndromes. We also provide dedicated legal assistance to those seeking Social Security Disability and workers’ compensation benefits.

    Why You Need Capable Legal Help

    According to The Legal Finance Journal, more than 31 million individuals require medical attention each year due to injuries while close to 2 million require hospitalization. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 5.5 million auto accidents take place annually resulting in more than 3 million injuries and 40,000 fatalities. Michigan Traffic Crash Facts reported that in 2013, more than 289,000 traffic crashes occurred in the state resulting in 951 deaths and more than 70,000 people sustaining injuries. Many of these are caused by human error or negligence.

    After any type of accident, you may be physically or emotionally traumatized and unable to manage the legal details. Establishing the liability of the responsible party can be complicated and technical. Dealing with insurance companies can be problematic due to the complex nature of many claims as well as the tactics these carriers may engage in to discount what you are truly owed. At Michigan Injury Lawyers, we are adept at handling all of these legal issues. Our years of experience, extensive knowledge, and fearless approach will all be used on your behalf in search of an optimal outcome whether through negotiation at the settlement table or in court.

    Legal Compensation for Your Injuries and Losses

    We know how crucial the monetary recovery you make is to your future. We will thoroughly prepare your claim for all forms of compensation that you are owed, from economic damages such as medical expenses, lost income, and vehicle damage to non-economic damages such as a pain, suffering, emotional trauma, and more. Your claim may be brought against another individual, a business entity, or a governmental agency. Medical, legal, technical, and other factors may be involved. Evidence will need to be investigated, evaluated, and preserved. You can rest assured that all of these facets of your case will be in the hands of a proven professional.

    Personalized Attention

    Our firm operates on the core principle of personalized attention. From start to finish, you will receive the responsive and individualized legal care that you need from a firm that has built a reputation for quality and thoroughness. We invite you to take advantage of our firm’s commitment, resources, and proven legal capability. Contact us to get started with a free consultation as soon as possible.

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    Cases We Handle

    Michigan Injury Lawyers handles a variety of personal injury claims for people just like you. Whether you were injured in a car accident or hurt on the job, we want to help. If you’re seriously injured, and it wasn’t your fault, we’re here for you.

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    • “Tom is a great lawyer who treated me extremely well!”- Mike (Client)
    • “Thank you so much for everything you did for our family! Thank you again.”- Danielle (Client)
    • “Thank you for being so supportive and professional.”- Jennifer (Client)
    • “Thank you for a great job handling my matter. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.”- Kelli (Client)
    • “Thank you, Michigan Injury Lawyers. We are forever grateful for what you have done.”- Scott (Client)
    • “Michigan Injury Lawyers listened to my story and got results better than I even expected.”- Maria (Client)
    • “The people of Michigan Injury Lawyers are always friendly, courteous, and professional.”- Philip (Client)
    • “Your highly skilled professional knowledge make you the best in the field.”- Dave (Client)
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