Elevator and Escalator Safety Week in Michigan

November 12, 2012 |
Elevator and Escalator Safety Week in Michigan

Few of us think of elevators and escalators as safety risks – and yet each year people in Michigan are injured, sometimes severely, while riding on them.

Sometimes the fault lies with the owner or manager of the property, for failing to maintain the machinery in safe operating condition. Children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable.

To heighten public awareness, Governor Rick Snyder proclaimed November 11-17 as Elevator Escalator Safety Awareness Week.

The people who are most likely to suffer injuries on elevators, moving walks and escalators are seniors and children. The most serious injuries reported on these transport devices are often the result of falls, especially among citizens who are 65 and older. When parents ride elevators, moving walks and escalators with their children, they should not use strollers or leave their kids unattended. Parents also should not put baggage on escalators.

There are more than 27,000 elevators and escalators in Michigan. Here are some safety tips when riding them:

Elevator Safety

  • Carefully step into and out of elevators, and watch out for if there is a step up or step down.
  • Be aware of when the doors begin to close, and do not try to prevent the doors from closing.
  • If you have carry-ons or loose clothing, keep those away from the elevator doors.
  • Press the elevator alarm button if it stops but does not open the doors. Do not try to make the doors open.
  • Always use the stairs, never the elevator, if a fire breaks out in the building.
  • If you suffer an injury on an elevator, seek medical attention and the guidance of an experienced premises liability attorney.

Moving Walkways and Escalator Safety

  • Be aware of the direction in which the walks and steps are moving.
  • Carefully and promptly step onto and off of moving walks and escalators. If you use bifocals, be extra careful.
  • Do not take walkers, strollers, carts or luggage on escalators.
  • Always face forward when you step on and off, and use the handrails.
  • Do not permit kids to sit on escalator steps, and do not rest small packages on the handrails.
  • Be careful not to allow long hair, loose clothing, flip flops, high heels, untied shoelaces, jewelry or other items to get caught in the escalator.
  • Do not stop in front of the exits of moving walks or escalators so that you do not block other passengers from stepping off.
  • If you stand on a moving walk, keep to the right to allow walking passengers to move by on the left.
  • Avoid crowding escalators to leave plenty of room in the event of an emergency.

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