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How Can an Attorney Help After a Michigan Auto Accident?

An automobile accident brings with it a long list of questions. Who is at fault? Who pays for damage to my car? Who will pay for my medical bills? Should I be compensated for pain and suffering? Can I ask the insurance company to reimburse me for lost wages? An experienced Michigan automobile accident attorney can assist with these and other questions concerning your case including:

  • Medical Treatment: In many instances it is necessary to complete medical treatment prior to discussing a settlement of the case depending on the nature and severity of the injuries.  In some cases, a single payment is made by the insurance company making it important to know the full extent of a person’s injuries and required treatment before reaching a settlement.  An attorney can help to complete a listing of all of the necessary medical treatments that your received or that will be needed in the future.
  • Insurance: Each insurance company works differently.  The particular insurance company involved in your case as well as the type of policy involved can affect the length of time to obtain a settlement and an experienced auto accident attorney will know how to draft a demand letter and, where applicable, to negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf.
  • Experts: Based upon the facts of the case, it may be necessary to hire and work with experts.  Only a skilled Michigan automobile accident attorney will know the types of experts that are required to best protect your interests.
  • Civil Case: In some instances it is necessary to file a civil complaint before a settlement is reached.  This process can be lengthy based upon the complexity of the case as well as other factors.   Once a case is filed, it may be necessary to request information, known as discovery[1]. The State of Michigan has timetables regarding discovery under the Michigan Rules of Civil Procedure and a car accident attorney will understand how to apply these rules to your case and meet all necessary deadlines.
  • Advocate: Perhaps the most important way a Michigan attorney can help you with your car accident case is by being your advocate. This means that your attorney acts on your behalf and for your benefit throughout the entire claims process, negotiating with the automobile insurance company and even in court if a lawsuit becomes necessary. He or she will be your champion before the judge, jury, and other attorneys, making sure that your side of the story is heard and that you are compensated for all of your losses.

Our team of experienced auto accident lawyers has successfully helped many accident victims obtain the compensation they deserve for their injuries and related losses through both settlement and trial. To make sure that you receive all of the compensation to which you are entitled, it is important to have an experienced Michigan auto accident attorney handling your case. Please call Michigan Injury Lawyers at 313-GET-HELP, or contact us online for a free evaluation of your case.