State Supreme Court Decision Restores Rights of Car Accident Victims, Michigan Attorney Says

by Thomas Stroble | August 12th, 2010

Bloomfield Hills personal injury lawyer Thomas L. Stroble says a recent Michigan Supreme Court ruling will give car accident victims a better opportunity to recover full and fair compensation for their injuries.

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan (PRWEB) August 12, 2010

Thanks to a recent Michigan Supreme Court decision, car accident victims will get a fair chance to be fully compensated for injuries caused by negligent and reckless drivers, Michigan personal injury attorney Thomas L. Stroble says.

The high court’s July 31 decision in McCormick v. Carrier (No. 136738) overruled a 2004 decision, Kreiner v. Fischer (No. 124120), which had made it … Read More

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Michigan Family Law Attorney Says Divorced Parents Often Face Stress With Summer Vacations

by Thomas Stroble | July 30th, 2010

Attorney Thomas L . Stroble says divorced parents should communicate with each other about vacation plans for their children and get agreements in writing.

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan (PRWEB) July 30, 2010

As the end of summer nears, many people plan to take one last vacation trip with their children before school starts.

Without planning and clear communication, however, that relaxing late-summer getaway could easily turn into a dispute, says Bloomfield Hills, Michigan family lawyer Thomas L. Stroble.

Stroble, who practices at the Oakland County family law firm, The Michigan Injury Lawyers, P.C., says arguments can erupt between divorced parents … Read More

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