How Do I Initiate An Auto Accident Case?

by Thomas Stroble | October 20th, 2015

How to start a car accident lawsuit in MichiganIf you have been injured in a car accident, you may believe that you are entitled to compensation for your losses but may not know exactly how to go about obtaining this financial relief. Fortunately, a qualified car accident lawyer in Michigan can guide you through the process and help you recovery as efficiently as possible. 

Talk to an attorney

Your first step in the legal process is to sit down with an experienced lawyer who can evaluate your situation and determine the best course of action for you. How you pursue recovery in Michigan will depends on many factors, … Read More

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Poor Michigan Weather Does Not Excuse Negligent Driving

by Thomas Stroble | October 16th, 2015

Bad Weather, Car Accidents & Michigan Injury LawyersAs the cold winter months approach, Michigan residents can rest assured that they will be experiencing significant amounts of snow, ice, and sub-freezing temperatures on a regular basis. As anyone who has driven a motor vehicle before can attest, these kinds of conditions can wreak havoc on road conditions and make even a short drive to the store a dangerous proposition. According to the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning, there were more than 70,000 people1 injured in traffic accidents throughout the state during 2014. In many instances, these people hurt in car accidents can recover significant compensation for … Read More

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Bicycle Accidents and TBI

by Thomas Stroble | October 13th, 2015

Michigan injury lawyer discusses brain injuries & bicycle accidentsAnytime you ride a bicycle along a roadway, you are at risk of a collision. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA),1 an estimated 48,000 bicyclists sustain injuries in motor vehicle collisions on an annual basis. Additionally, more bicyclists sustain injuries in accidents caused by road defects, malfunctioning bicycles, and other hazards.

Because bicyclists have no seat belts or other restraints, they generally fall off their bikes in the event of a collision. Anytime anyone falls, there is a significant chance that they will hit their heads on the ground or on another object. When direct trauma … Read More

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The Potential Harms of Antidepressants

by Thomas Stroble | October 8th, 2015

Anti-depressants may lead to serious personal injury, cites Michigan drug injury attorney

Research in recent years has indicated that an estimated ten percent of Americans1 has been prescribed some type of antidepressant medication, which means that more than 31 million people take this type of medicine to combat depression and related symptoms. Despite the widespread use of these prescriptions and the benefits they provide for many patients, these drugs also have the potential to cause serious and even dangerous side effects in users. Specifically, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) have been associated with injuries and even fatalities in the United States.

Manufacturers have the legal duty to sell medications that are … Read More

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Avoiding Admissions of Fault After a Car Accident

by wpengine | October 6th, 2015

After a car accident, it is only natural that you may be shaken up and unsure of what to do or say. Unfortunately, some statements can hurt your chances of recovering financially for your accident-related losses. Many different parties can use unintentional statements against you and claim they were admissions of fault in order to limit their liability in your claim. For this reason, the following are some brief guidelines for you to follow to avoid admitting fault in the wake of a car accident.

At the scene of the accident

Directly after a collision, it is easy to become … Read More

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