How to Determine Social Security Disability Benefits Eligibility

by Thomas Stroble | June 19th, 2013

June 19, 2013

When a citizen’s mental or physical condition leaves them unable to work for extended periods of time or potentially facing death, that person may qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits. However, there are certain standards the claimant must meet before their application can be approved.

The Social Security Administration explains the person applying for benefits must meet certain standards of income and time worked prior to applying for benefits. They must also be able to provide documentation of a diagnosis and treatment of their condition. This can be supplied through medical records, laboratory results, or physician’s notes among other documents.

Others who may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits include:

  • spouse or child of a deceased worker
  • spouse or child of a deceased Social Security Disability recipient
  • dependent parent of a deceased worker

Even when a person has a legitimate claim with all of the proper documentation, their benefits may still be denied. Records show that as many as 70 percent of all initial claims for benefits are not approved.

The Michigan Personal Injury Attorneys with Michigan Injury Lawyers are aware of how complex and difficult having a claim for Social Security Disability benefits approved can be. The firm suggests discussing your legal options with a qualified attorney if you are considering applying for benefits or have a claim that was denied in the past.

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