Did Your Doctor Fail to Order a Needed Cesarean Section?

by wpengine | December 1st, 2016

A Cesarean section – or C-section – is a method of giving birth when a vaginal birth is potentially risky or impossible. While there are safety benefits to C-sections, there is also a significantly longer recovery time as the procedure constitutes major surgery. There are also complications that may occur and put the mother’s life in danger. That being said, a C-section is necessary in many situations and a medical professional should recognize when it is time to order the procedure.

C-sections can be planned well in advance of the delivery date due to foreseen possible complications or health conditions of a mother or child. They can also be ordered after labor has already started, either because delivery is taking too long or because an emergency situation presents itself. No matter when or why a C-section is needed, you or your child can suffer serious injuries if a doctor does not identify the need for a C-section or react in a timely manner.

Some common times a C-section may be necessary include the following:

  • A mother has hypertension, heart disease, or another health issue
    There are multiple babies involved
  • A mother has an infection that is contagious and may be passed to a baby during vaginal delivery, such as genital herpes or HIV
  • The baby is positioned with its legs facing downward (breach position), which makes delivery significantly riskier
  • The baby has been diagnosed with a birth defect or health problem
  • The mother has had a C-section before and is not a candidate for a subsequent vaginal delivery
  • The baby or mother is deprived of oxygen or otherwise in distress during the delivery
  • The umbilical cord is compressed or is wrapped around the baby’s neck
  • The mother’s cervix will not dilate or the baby will not fit in the birth canal
  • There are problems with the placenta, such as placenta previa or placental abruption

If a doctor fails to order a C-section when it is needed and the mother or child suffers injury as a result, the doctor may be held liable for medical malpractice.

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