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How Is a Truck Accident Case Started?

by Thomas Stroble | June 16th, 2015

White truck on road. Cargo transportationFollowing an accident with a large commercial truck, it is only understandable that you may be focused on seeking necessary medical treatment and recovering from your injuries. Though medical treatment can be expensive, many people hesitate to call an attorney to discuss how you can recover for your losses. This is often because of uncertainty about the legal process and how a truck accident case even gets started. The following is some basic information about initiating a claim after a truck accident:

Talk to the truck company’s insurance company

Many believe that the first step after a sustaining injury … Read More

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Driver Medical Issues Can Lead to Truck Accidents

by Thomas Stroble | May 14th, 2015

Large Truck Crashed Into A Number Of Cars And 4 People Were KillObtaining a commercial driver’s license has many requirements set out by the U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).1 These requirements are put in place to make sure that no dangerous or high-risk individuals will not be allowed behind the wheel of a large commercial vehicle. One of these requirements is that the truck driver must be free from any mental or physical impairments that may cloud their ability to drive a commercial truck. If you have been injured because an unsafe driver caused an accident, an attorney can hep you file a legal claim against the … Read More

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Man Injured As the Result of a Police Pursuit

by Thomas Stroble | February 16th, 2014

Scott DavidsonMany times, an accident injures someone who wasn’t  to blame. This is particularly troubling when it was a criminal who was at fault.  When you or someone you know was injured it makes such an event even more troubling.  Having good legal help in such an instance is never more important than when your health depends upon it.

Running from the police is never a good idea.  Fleeing from authorities can often cause injuries in others. Such was the case of a 76-year-old man who was critically injured in a recent incident.   A suspect was fleeing the Michigan State Police … Read More

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Complex Cases Take Time

by Thomas Stroble | February 4th, 2014

Marcus PoveyWhen an accident is especially complicated, it can take a long time for a final settlement to come about. All sides want to make sure that the right verdict is reached, but we recognize that the waiting can be tough. One family is waiting for a lawsuit to go forward about a multi-car pileup that took the lives of two children and left a third with brain injuries.

It happened on the last day of the year. The family was planning to go to Canada for a vacation. The police’s version of the events goes like this. Snow began to … Read More

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Truck Accident Lawyers Discuss Importance of Allowing Commercial Vehicles Space

by Thomas Stroble | August 30th, 2013

Slowing and stopping trucks can be an arduous task due to their size and weight. In fact, studies have shown it can take fully loaded tractor-trailers up to a mile to stop when traveling at highway speeds. The Michigan Truck Accident Lawyers with Michigan Injury Lawyers explain that stopping distance was found to be a contributing factor in two recent accidents along the state’s highways.

A story from CBS-Detroit News stated a 42-year-old man was operating a tow truck along I-96 outside of the town of Milford when another vehicle suddenly careened across three lanes of traffic and cut off … Read More

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