Drunk Driving

Holiday Season Can Increase Your Risk of a Drunk Driving Accident

by wpengine | December 20th, 2016

People love to gather together for the holidays and celebrate with an eggnog or mulled wine. However, many of those people then cause injury when they decide to drive home after too much to drink and they cause a collision. When a drunk driver crashes into your car and injures you or a member of your family, it can disrupt your holidays, as well as your life for months or even years to come. Drunk drivers should be held completely responsible for all of the losses you experience due to a crash.

Criminal v. Civil Case

Law enforcement officers are

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Evidence In a Drunk Driving Accident Case

by Thomas Stroble | August 12th, 2016

Drunk Driving.It is fairly safe assumption that the vast majority of us who drive are aware of the fact that drunk driving is against the law. People who are caught driving drunk are often subject to stiff legal penalties, which can become significantly more serious if they are involved in an injury-causing accident. But what about the innocent people who are injured in a drunk driving accident? Fortunately, they are often entitled to bring a legal claim against the driver in order to recover for their losses, like the damage to their vehicle, their medical expenses, their lost income, and … Read More

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