6-Year-Old Child Sustains Serious Michigan Dog Bite Injuries

by Thomas Stroble | June 26th, 2013

June 26, 2013

A 6-year-old child sustained serious Michigan Dog Bite Injuries in a canine attack that occurred last week. Reports indicate the incident happened on Wednesday, June 19, at a property located on Teneyck Street in the town of Jackson, Michigan.

According to an article published by M Live, the child was on the property when the dog responsible for the attack approached and bit the child. The victim sustained wounds to her leg that required she be transported to a local hospital for further treatment. The animal has since been placed under quarantine to assure its health.

The incident leaves many citizens wondering what they can do to prevent dog bite injuries. Statistics show that children are most often the victims involved in a dog bite incident. That is why it is so important for parents to educate their children on the importance of never trying to pet a strange dog without the owner’s consent.

It is equally as important for dog owners to ensure their animals are under control at all times. This means making sure they are in an enclosed area when at home or on a leash when in public.

The Michigan Personal Injury Lawyers with Michigan Injury Lawyers recognize how devastating dog bite injuries can be and hope these tips are successful in preventing such incidents from occurring.

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